Green Forest

Our Sustainable film making plan:


Our  company operates a sustainable policy in all film projects and acknowledges all productions as a green production from the start.


At the start of every project:




  • Appoint an Eco Manager to oversee our sustainability policy.

  • Build green principles into contracts for crew and cast.

  • Only engage necessary crew and cast.

  • Avoid catering waste by making food to order, following a vegetarian meal plan for all and we do not allow plastic bottles on site. We have keep cups for hot drinks and we bring our own reusable water bottles. We have regular breaks and we do not have a craft table and have reduced significant food waste as a result.

  • Ensure our waste is streamlined into recycling and we have a zero landfill policy.

  • Use local suppliers for all departments where possible.

  • Identify costume and props on a ‘beg first’ system and we only buy when we can’t find an alternative.

  • Ensure our communications are paperless, call sheets are sent digitally as are all contacts and shot lists. We use iPads and take photos on a digital device for script supervision.

  • Use video options for meetings and ensure to keep ‘in person’ meetings that require travel to a minimum.

  • Operate a lift sharing to the set and ensure that we stay near set and avoid driving long journeys.

  • Ensure that equipment is fit for purpose and maintained to ensure energy savings. Lights and equipment that can be dimmed in between takes are powered down.

  • Encourage our HOD’s work from home ensuring less travel and more productivity.

  • Assess our carbon foot print on a regular basis to ensure sustainability across all our productions. 

  • Offset our carbon footprint with seedbombs and treeplanting.